International Art Curator and Producer

Zina Bercovici

Zina Bercovici (M.A. in Economics and Marketing) has been an art curator for over 15 years.  She has worked with many galleries and museums around the world.

Zina Bercovici specialises in curating and producing international art shows, including SPIRIT OF ART, THE FACES OF EVE, A VIEW OF ART, ETERNAL EVE, COLORS AND NUANCES and HOPES, to name but a few.


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  1. Smadar Reif says:

    Hello Zina,
    I got your name from Michal Sadan who recommended you alot.
    I am an artist, photographer, and i’m interesting in working with you.
    Please send me an email if it’s something you would consider.
    Beast regard and wishes,
    Smadar Reif, Israel

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