Lights in The Winter December 2011

In many cultures, the winter is celebrated with light to provide a contrast to the short dark winter days and long nights. The winter light does not shine bright; it is soft and pastel, creating a warm and pleasant feeling. This period is a time for celebration in many cultures.


The theme of the December 2011 art exhibition is Light in the winter. We chose to exhibit carefully selected paintings, art photo and sculptures.

The collection showcases 80 fine artworks that incorporate motives of light in the winter. Artists from all over the world gathered to celebrate this period with us. They are coming from Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Canada, USA, Italy, Israel, Russia, France, Norway, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.

The artists are well known in their countries and worldwide. Many of them have been awarded with prizes for their works and have their artwork exhibited in permanent collection in exclusive galleries and museums around the world.

The artworks are elegantly positioned among the ancient artifacts of The Archeological Museum of Jaffa seamlessly bringing together the old and new.

The museum itself is located in an old but futuristic building, located in the narrow winding allays neighboring churches, synagogues and mosques. The unique settings of the exhibition along with the high caliber of presenting artists create an experience one should not miss.

Modern visual art is universal and this display is an excellent example of how art can be international and bridge any cultural divide by bringing together different nationalities to share a common vision of promoting and recognizing art. Art is a universal language that connects people from all over the world.

I hope that this event will create a loud echo and will be the catalyst for many new friendships and connections between different cultures, different people and different artists.

My warm thanks to the artists who have given the best of themselves for this exhibition.

Enjoy it!



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