Spirit of Art is coming to Vienna between 18-24 July 2012

The exhibition will take place between 18th – 24th July 2012 at the pictorial -Palais Schonborn home to The MOYA-Museum of Young Art that is located in the cultural heart of Vienne.
The exhibition will host 135 of best visual artworks, painting, sculpture, and artistic photos created by 60 artists from over 20 countries (Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Israel, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, New Zealand, Romania, USA) bringing their original spirit of art.

The carefully selected artists coming from various backgrounds will display their unique motives, style and vision.The visitors will be exposed to a rich kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and techniques.

The Exhibition is building on the foundations of previous exhibitions reinforcing the message that Art has no boundaries as it traverses through cultures and even conflicts creating a silent harmony between the Artist and the inquisitive observer.

The opening night will take place on 18th July 2012 19:30 at the Moya Museum.


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